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To be confident at expressing opinion on the financial statements to have a true and fair view with the effort of professional and skilled personnel as a responsibility to the Public as required by Law in an effective and efficient manner.


To be an institution where Public Sector Auditing will give reliability, accountability and trustworthiness as it relates to State Government resources and Funding.


The office of the Auditor General for the State is set out to achieve the following:-

  • Fulfilling the power and responsibilities as provided under Section 125 of the 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended.
  • Application of necessary extant laws, standards, ethics, regulations and procedures as demanded by the Local, National and Internationally recognized institutions i.e. Financial Regulations, Financial laws and Acts for Auditing the State financial statements, FRCN, ISA, IPSAS, INTOSAI, e.t.c.
  • Exercising to an appreciable level of independence that will guarantee unbiased expression of opinion on State Financial Statement.
  • Building a Professional and Highly qualified personnel versatile in Local and International Audit Services.
  • Building a solid structural system that will assist Audit exercise and prevent threat.
  • Displaying high level of proficiency as stated in regulation and professional ethics i.e. Integrity, Independence, Objectivity, Professional Skepticism, Confidentiality, Transparency, Accountability and Probity.


  • Upholding the responsibilities as stated in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other enabling laws;
  • Developing and designing data collecting instrument for the Ministry, Departments and Agency.
  • Issuance of State wide Audit circular
  • Holds entry meeting with Accounting Officers before the commencement of Audit exercise.
  • Audit of the account of Technical Colleges and Secondary Commercial Schools.
  • Understand the business of Ministries, Departments and Agencies by evaluation.
  • Ensures that essential records are maintained and the rules and procedures applied are sufficient to safeguard government property and funds.
  • Submit report of Audited Financial Statements to the State House of Assembly.
  • Obtain and Fixes Audit fees.
  • Involved in the auditing of the State Government elements of activities of the Local Government.
  • Ensure the circulation of its audited reports to all agencies of Government.
  • Contribute to development of Personnel to meet up professional standard.
  • Regular interaction with Public Account committee of the State House of Assembly.
  • Imposition of sanction /surcharge as may be required.
  • Monitoring of Project being executed and engaging a special investigation as required.
  • Carry out Compliance Audit.
  • Giving Audit opinion on Accounts of the state.
  • Recommendation of external Auditors and issuance of guidelines for Audit firms.
  • Guard jealously its role as a “watchdog and not a blood hound” for Government.
  • Play an advisory role to government and MDAs.
  • Receive individual retiree files for certification of computation sheet.
  • Engaged in regular research and development on audit activities

Mr Olagoke Larry ELUFISAN

The present Director of Administration; Mr Olagoke Larry ELUFISAN is a graduate of University

Mr Mutiu Alani RASHEED –

The present Director of Finance and Account is Mr Mutiu Alani RASHEED. He holds

Prince Ademola OYESOMI –

The present Director of Accountant General Treasury cash office, Revenue and stores; Prince Ademola

Mrs Misitura Bolanle ADEBIYI

The Present Deputy Auditor-General II Mrs Misitura Bolanle ADEBIYI is a graduate of Accounting

Mr Kolapo Moruf IDRIS FCA CISA

The Auditor-General for State, Osun State is Mr Kolapo Moruf IDRIS FCA CISA. He